Sarya Films is a young independent film collective established in 2016 with an aim to produce independent films on social, political and environmental issues.


With a spirit of social entrepreneurship, we produced two multi-award winning films 'Hevêrk / The Circle' (2016, TR -14m) and "Aether" (2019 - TR & IT - 82m). We provide support to independent fılm makers in pre-production, production and distribution of their films.

As an ancient name, Sarya means 'woman cavalry'. So we, as 'Saryas',  prioritize to bring women film makers to work together in all stages of film making and to empower them in the film industry. All our films produced by %90 of women.


Production Collective 

Rûken Tekeş, Founder

Billur Arikan, Producer (Aether, Philax)

Gabriele Oricchio, Co-Producer (Aether, Philax)

Cengiz Karadag, Co-Producer (Hevêrk, Aether)

Ayse Hazir Valentin, Co-Producer (Aether)

Basak Sayin, Production Coordinator (Aether)

Baran Olgu Kubilay, Production Coordinator (Aether)

Balam Bingül, Production Coordinator (Hevêrk, Aether)

Creative Production and Post-Production Collective

Rûken Tekeş, Writer & Director (Hevêrk, Aether, Philax)

Dino Omerovich, Assistant to Director (Aether, Philax)

Tugce Erol, Development Assistant (Philax)

Arif Gokdeniz, Assistant to Director (Hevêrk) 

Marco Spoletini, Editor (Aether)

Özcan Vardar, Editor (Hevêrk) 

Doruk Kaya, Trailer Editor (Hevêrk, Aether) 

Guiliana Sarli, Assistant Editor (Aether)

Ute Freund, Director of Photography (Aether)

Deniz Eyüboğlu, Director of Photography (Hevêrk, Aether) 

Merle Jotte, Director of Photography (Aether)

Andrés Lizana Prado, Director of Photography (Aether)

Gül Bursa, Focus Puller (Hevêrk) 

Yasin Köse, Focus Puller (Aether)

Mustafa Gökpınar, Focus Puller (Aether)

Dicle Yağmur Soydan, Camera Assistant (Aether)

Cemile Ceyda Kızıltuğ, Camera Assistant (Hevêrk) 

Diler Özer, Music Composer (Aether)

Metehan Dada, Music Composer (Aether)

Kardeş Türküler, Music Composer (Hevêrk) 

Ömür Müldür, Sound Recordist (Aether)

Tuncay Ayvaz, Sound Recordist (Aether)

Mesut Aram, Sound Recordist (Hevêrk) 

Roberta D'Angelo, Sound Designer (Aether)

Paolo Segat, Sound Mix (Aether)

Umut Şenyol, Sound Editing & Mix (Hevêrk) 

Vincenzo Marinese, Color (Aether)

Cenk Erol, Color (Hevêrk)  

Sila Bozdeveci, Graphic Design (Philax)

Larissa Beril Franke, Graphic Design (Hevêrk, Aether) 

Seth Banks, Graphic Design (Aether)

Tuna Rumelili, Graphic Design (Aether)

Murat Ozbudak, DCT Turkey (Hevêrk, Aether) 

LondonPost Co., Post Production Turkey (Hevêrk, Aether) 

TTPixel Studios, Post Production Italy (Aether)

Rec & Play, Post Production Italy (Aether)